What is Sea Freight?

What is Sea Freight?

The first maritime transport was carried out by the Egyptians in 3200 BCE with the coastal boats. The prospect of marine transportation has grown greatly in the trade made with the discovery of the United States and the new area of the new waterfalls.

Types of Sea Freight

There are 2 types of sea freight.

1.Tramp transportation,It is the existence of the burden which is important in its kind. It can also be described as the filling of the whole of the ship or a significant part of it when the products such as lumber, oil, mines, coal are transported.

2.Liner transportation, On the contrary to the Tramp transport which is the criterion of the existence of the asset, the type of transport in which service is important.

In today's logistics sector, the transfer of half of the goods including international trade is carried by maritime transport. Despite the fact that their costs are affordable, they have many advantages. Loaded weighted items can be safely transferred, and all items that are both sensitive and sensitive can be transferred by sea freight.


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