What is Air Cargo Shipping?

What is Air Cargo Shipping?
Cargo transportation is the process of delivering any product from one place to another safely and regularly. The main goal of cargo transportation, which is a vocational sector developed in many fields such as ship, train and air, is to deliver all products sold in economic, short time and more securely to the buyer.
What is Air Cargo Shipping?
10% of the cargos are made by Air Cargo. Although they do not seem to be much different from other forms of shipping, there is a big difference between them. Some cargo companies take very heavy cargo and deliver it to the buyer under the control of Air Cargo Carriage. This process of cargoing has reached the buyer in a shorter period of time. The speed and time difference between the cargos is quite large. Some cargo companies have a number of requirements and limitations, but these limitations and restrictions do not exist in Air Cargo.
What Services Does Air Cargo Shipping Provide?
Project Carrying,
Import / Export Transports,
Airline Funeral Transport,
Cargo Transportation,
Transit Loading Carriage,
Havaleli Private Vehicles,
Hazardous Material Handling,
It provides various services such as.


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